Where to begin? We have been incredibly busy and having an amazing experience in Rwanda. We spent all last week at a catch-up school mostly for street children who weren’t able to begin school at the normal time. The kids are incredible and they appreciate us being there so much, which makes everything worth it. We began the week actually teaching subjects like English, math and social studies, and on Friday did an art project and got to dance and sing with the kids a lot. We’ve been learning a lot of Kinyarwanda songs from our hosts.

This weekend we made the long trip to Cyangugu, which is right on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is SUCH a beautiful place. The drive took us about 10 hours in all, but the trip was through the beautiful hills and rainforest. In Cyangugu we spent time with the most amazing kids, and went to an Anglican Church where we worshipped enthusiastically, and even led the congregation in four Kinyarwanda songs!
Today, we returned to Kigali and have been relaxing for about the first time since we arrived.