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This summer SPRINT will send 7 teams to learn and serve with local hosts around the globe.  Use this prayer calendar to remember each team as they travel.  Learn more at



Hi friends! Here’s the latest project that we’re super excited about:

One of the three weeks that we’re in Rwanda, we will be working at a catch-up school for kids who, for various reasons, were not able to join the school system with the other children. We will be spending our days doing art projects and hopefully being a source of encouragement to them.

One thing we want to do for these students (about 450 between the ages of 8 and 20) is let them know they are loved. We are hoping to bring them each a bracelet as a reminder that someone in America is praying for them. In order to do this we need prayer partners. This is where you all come in.

We are going to be selling bracelets. If you want to, you can buy one bracelet for $3 or two for $5. If you buy two bracelets you get to keep one as a reminder to pray for the children of Rwanda, and the other we will bring to Rwanda and give to one of the students. 

We can only complete this project if we have 450 bracelets to bring to them (because no student can be left out). We are so excited about this and are praying that others are too.

If you’re interested in participating text, call, facebook or email any of us, or comment below and we will figure out a way of getting the bracelets to you. We leave for Rwanda on June 24th and are praying that we have 450 bracelets to bring along. 🙂